Cabin Fever

Uh oh. We are 2 weeks into summer and cabin fever is setting in. I feel trapped in the house. It is beastly hot outside. Sometimes Nikki and I go to the park early in the morning, but it gets too hot for me by 10:30. Ben gets home from camp at 1:30 and the stretch from 1:30 to bedtime is interminable. It is too hot to be outside. The kids need to burn off energy. There are no good public pools in the area (waah... I miss Meadowmont) where I can easily take the two boys by myself. After being in camp all morning Ben doesn't want to do projects. I feel trapped in the house.

Just after lunch I spent 10 minutes trimming the bush around our mailbox and then beat a hasty retreat inside. We can't even put up a sprinkler or a small pool due to the drought.

Summer in the south sucks. It is the equivalent of winter in Michigan... only the kids are too old to go to the mall. Time to start making a list of afternoon outings... Maybe we'll go see that awful Panda movie later this week... how dreadful can it be?!


Tina in CT said...

I can relate how you feel as I HATE the heat. After our high 90's and humidity Sat. - yesterday, I am ready for Labor Day. That was enough summer for me. I like being inside in the winter all cozy and warm, cooking, reading, scrapping but hate being housebound in the heat of the summer.

Are there any neighborhood pool clubs that you can join?

Being a Northener, we just aren't used to the heat of summer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, last four days we had a hell here. Unlike you, we still have hopes for more normal weather patterns.
I guess, you are keeping yours to the end of the summer.
Weather in Connecticut is just crazy.
The clouds formations and thunderstorms and horizontal downpours we have, I have only seen in Louisiana before.

Anonymous said...

you could be in london: raining, cloudy (well, the sun just peeked out as i was typing) and in the low 60s.

all damn day.


Katya said...

Maybe we could summer in London. :-) After this week I am thinking of renting a house in Acadia for all of next summer.

Tina in CT said...

I have a suggestion. Why not work at ALPS and put the boys in the local day camp? The rest of the summer, rent a house way up North. It is just the start of the hot summer so I really feel badly for you. No one would want to be around me having to live in that heat as I get so miserable in it.

Katya said...

Unfortunately Ben is in camp until end of July. :-)

Tina in CT said...

Another suggestion:

Rent a house up North for when Ben is out of camp. Next year move to NH for the summer and do ALPS, day camp and then rent a house.

I don't have a helpful suggestion for June and July of this year other than your joining a pool club.