"Camp" and other miscellaneous thoughts

Ben is spending 6 weeks at "camp." It is not the kind of camp where you do archery, canoe, make bead necklaces, or get poison ivy. Nope. He is spending 6 weeks at The Schenck School working on phonics and math. Poor kid. I had downplayed that it was camp and said it was school so the first day he came home excited, "Mom, you were wrong. It really IS camp." That excitement lasted 2 days. He is enjoying it... but I would not describe him as wildly enthusiastic. They do play a lot of games -- they are just phonics and math games. Gym is with a teacher who does OT. :-) I'm glad Ben is going to have a week at Muscoot Farm in August.

The one aspect of the camp that I was not expecting is that Ben is in a class 8 boys. At first Ben was hesitant about that -- he had really hoped to be in the same class as his friend Laine. Now he really loves it and has already made 2 friends.

Nikki and I are enjoying having some quiet time. When we are HSing, Nikki spends the whole morning getting shushed and shooed and bribed ("If you go play upstairs while Ben does phonics, you can join us for the math game!"). Now he is getting to sit on the couch and cuddle and read.

Last week we found out that Nikki got into Decatur First United Methodist Preschool so we decided to send him there instead of Fernbank. It is a 1/2 day program with a heavy emphasis on the arts. (They have a dedicated music/dance classroom and the kids take 30 minutes of music/movement each day). It is a lovely program and I am so excited we got in. On Tuesday we walked over to the preschool and walked around and peeked in some classrooms. Nikki was overjoyed. I think it was everything he was picturing in his mind as a preschool. He kept saying, "I love it. I love it!"

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Tina in CT said...

That's great that Nikki is so excited about his new school adventure. It sounds like a great start and program.