The Faraway Tree

We have been reading The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. What a fantastic book. I am so sad that it is unavailable in the US. It has really sparked the kids imagination. They are constantly talking about it and playing it out. When we were in Ohio last weekend, there was a huge structure at the playground that the kids immediately dubbed "The Faraway Tree." Ben scampered up to the top and pretended to peek through the clouds to see what land was above the tree. Nikki and Ben climbed all over the 'tree' visiting all of the characters in the story and being careful to avoid Dame Wash-A-Lot's water and the Grumpy Pixie.

[The book is about a magical tree full of strange inhabitants. At the top of the tree you can climb into the clouds and visit a new, strange land each day.]


Anonymous said...

I am glad kids like it. I thought they might, when I read it.
I am sure you can try to burden Carol and Rob with couple of more books from this set. They are in London until the end of the June.
(Sorry Carol and Rob, but you can use it an an excuse to spend a day in Oxford and visit Blackwell at the same time, you want regret it)

Katya said...

Hmmm. Great idea!