Tara and Gabe's Wedding

We went to Tara and Gabe's wedding in Ohio this weekend. We arrived on Friday in time for the rehearsal dinner. It was great -- we got to meet Tara and Gabe's families (who are ALL every bit as sweet as Tara and Gabe), the boys ran around like crazy with all of T&G's cousins and nieces, and we got a chance to hang out with Tara and Gabe.

Saturday was the wedding. Despite dire weather predictions the weather held. The ceremony was at a lovely gazebo... Tara looked like a princess. Apparently Nik has given up on marrying Hello Kitty; after seeing Tara in her wedding dress he announced that he was going to marry her. Sorry, Gabe.

After the ceremony the boys had an important job. They handed out little envelopes that contained live monarch butterflies to all of the guests. Once Tara and Gabe turned to the audience everyone released the butterflies. It was quite beautiful and touching. The butterflies flew all around landing in the grass, in the trees, and even on the rose that was pinned on Tara's mom!

Were the boys and Tara thrilled to see each other? I will let you be the judge...


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! They both are so wonderful.

Joe Ganci said...

How cool! A couple of years ago I attended a wedding in Biloxi, Mississippi (Steve Howard and Amy Blankenship, whom I think you know). That's the only time I had seen the butterflies in the envelope trick. The butterflies are chilled a bit ahead of time, which puts them to sleep. Then as they're held in people's hands outside in the heat, they start to warm up. About the time they are released, most have woken up enough. However, that day I remember a few weren't quite awake and had to be coaxed for a while!

Anonymous said...

I was wandering how did they keep the butterflies in the envelopes, now I know