Temperature is relative

On Friday it was miserable in Atlanta. 90, humid, and the sun was blazing hot. By 10 am it was too hot to be outside. We got on a plane and flew to Dayton where there were having a heatwave. It was 94 out and the rental car lady warned us it was too hot to walk to our car so we should wait for the shuttle. We stepped outside -- it was LOVELY. Somehow, even though it was 4 degrees warmer, it felt about 10 degrees cooler than what we had left. How does that work?

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Joe Ganci said...

It's all about the humidity, dear Katya. A little bit of humidity can make the temperature feel a lot hotter. Yesterday it was in the 90s here but the official "feels like" temperature was 101. Atlanta must have been more humid than Dayton that day is all. In Arizona you often here that the temperature reaches 120 or more in the summer. However, as hot as that is, it's very dry there. If it reached 120 in Atlanta or DC with their humidity, there would be many who would not survive after being outside just a little while!