Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday we went to the 4th of July celebration in Decatur. Very Mayberry. The parade is like in Carroboro -- local groups, kids on bikes, the fire truck, local politicians. After the parade everyone gathers in the town square by the bandstand for a picnic and big band music. Then, at sunset, there are fireworks. We met another family and the kids had a great time scootering around the town hall while the grownups sat and talked.


Anonymous said...

Great picture!

Tina in CT said...

Love the hat that Nick made.

Sounds like a fun 4th.

We took the girls to Old Sturbridge Village and were there from late morning until 9:30 PM. The girls just loved it, Natalia wants to live there and both want to go to day camp there next summer.

Tami took lots of pictures and I'll be make a red scrapbook album for her and a duplicate for myself.