So we took the kids to see Wall-E this afternoon. It was great -- only Pixar can pull off making a movie about a cockroach and a trash compacter.

On the way home Ben asked, "What was the cockroach eating?"
Me: "A Twinkie"
Ben: "What's a twinkie?"

It was at that moment that we realized our kids were TOO sheltered from popular culture... umm what 7 year old doesn't know what a Twinkie is?! So we immediately stopped at the next gas station and rectified that situation. No one will be surprised to hear that Nik was the only member of the family that ate his whole Twinkie. (And a couple of bites of Ben's, too)


GBK Gwyneth said...

We love Pixar and look forward to seeing the new movie...how long until it hits Netflix?

I just quizzed my girls (one is 9.75 and the other will be 6 in two days). Neither one has any idea what a twinkie is. But I wouldn't say that they are sheltered -- they are playing Super Mario on the Wii with their dad right now.

Anonymous said...

I can see Nik eating the Twinkie! I will never forget the way he was eating his birthday cupcakes in the beach house in North Carolina one year. I still think that if I can mimick his expression I can actually enjoy the cupcake.

Joe Ganci said...

My wife and I went to see Wall-E last week. I was not in the best mood when I saw it and while the movie was beautifully done, I thought it was a little depressing. My wife didn't think so, so I chalk it up to the mood I was in at the time.

Since I call my wife Eva for short a lot of time, she's started calling me Wall-E!

Katya said...

Usually Pixar movies don't hit video till around Thanksgiving... go see it in the new Movie Tavern in Tucker. It is worth seeing on the big screen.

Joe... I can see the resemblance. :-P

It is, by far, the darkest Pixar movie. They are moving more and more in the direction of anime -- they are starting to make animated movies not kids' cartoons.

Anonymous said...

You comments want me to go and see that movie, cockroach or not.

Katya said...

You really need to go see it in a theater to appreciate the incredible job they did with the graphics.

Tina in CT said...

Tami took the girls yesterday afternoon but I chose to stay home and do my laundry. Girls liked it.

I don't know if K and N have ever had a twinkie. We'll have to ask and buy a package if they haven't.
I loved devil dogs and even bought them every now and then as an adult.