Wall-E, cont.

Oh. I forgot a conversation we had in the Theater... (when Eve turns on the lighter)
Nik: Look. It's a candle.
Ben: It's not a candle. It's a match.
Me (thinking): You're BOTH wrong -- it's a LIGHTER!

And in the car ride on the way home:
Nik: I liked the cricket.
Ben: It's not a cricket; it's a cockroach.
Nik: Cockroaches don't have wings.
Me: Yes they do. It's a cockroach.
Nik: It's NOT. It's a cricket!
About 10 minutes of argument ensues. Nik HATES cockroaches. He is terrified of them. He refused to believe that the cute bug was supposed to be a cockroach. In the south we have these GIANT cockroaches that the locals euphemistically call "Palmetto Bugs." Uh... it's a COCKROACH... a GIANT one. I have seen ones in our house that are 2-3" long! They live everywhere so they find their way into your house periodically. And, like the cockroach in the movie, you cannot actually kill one by stepping on it. It 'plays dead' until you go to get a paper towel to pick it up and then it runs away.


Anonymous said...

Tell me,
I raised up entire LSU campus ones when one of this bugs entered my office - that is how loudly I screamed. Being a northern person, I did not think that creatures like that can come from Earth - and the tone of my scream reflected my feelings - the entire office was at my door in a split second.

Tina in CT said...

I'll stick to the mice I get. I'd rather have a mouse than a roach but need to wage a full scale war on the 4 legged varmits.

Anonymous said...

I am giving up on everything. Last weekend the chipmunk run over my foot while I was seating at the table near my kitchen door, the mouse entered the house in full view in the middle of the day and the woodchuck made a tunnel under the huge rock (about 6 feet long)to enter my small garden patch, so he did not have to fight the netting we put around it. I feel like I am leaving in the Caddy Shuck movie ( and I do hate this movie). But this last weekend I was seriously contemplating - what can I stick in woodchuck hole to deter him.