It was a big misunderstanding! *updated*

Ian was in N'awlins this week so I asked him to bring me back some beignets. I think he must have misunderstood or misheard me.  He brought back the flu instead. And a nasty one at that. He got home on Thursday night and seemed fine... then he called mid-afternoon on  Friday and asked me to pick him up from work. He came home, got in bed, and stayed there until yesterday evening. Today he is feeling a bit better... It looks like he will get better just in time to hit the road on Monday. :-(

Yesterday morning I ran out to the grocery store and bought anti-bacterial soap and clorox wipes... normally I am not a big proponent of all that stuff... but I do NOT want this flu and I don't want the kids getting sick. So we are all washing our hands obsessively.

The kids are pretty bitterly disappointed at the way this weekend is going. Last weekend Ben biked all the way to Stone Mountain (10 miles) and then hiked up it. This weekend they are watching the Olympics and, when I can gather a little burst of energy, straightening the house. 

**** Update ****
Ian felt MUCH better by Sunday afternoon. He was actually up and about. So he is on the road again today. 


Joe Ganci said...

So sorry, dearest Katya! Illnesses are never fun, especially the flu. I have been getting a flu shot every year for the last five or so years and am glad I do. With all the traveling I do, it would be all too easy to pick up something nasty from a fellow airplane passenger in that enclosed and recycled air environment. I hope you're able to avoid the yuckies!

Just think - in the old days the flu was a death sentence. It still is in some parts of the world. Think positive - you will get through this!

Tina in CT said...

I also get the flu shots each fall.

This is a strange time of year for the flu to hit.

Hope you and the boys don't catch it.

Smart idea disinfect the house and do lots of hand washing.