Week Roundup

So this was our first week of sit-down homeschooling for the season... 
- The kids were entranced by the Sting narrated Peter and the Wolf
- I am still working on a logical flow for Phonics for this year
- Singapore math is a hit
- Logic/puzzles are a hit
- Ben is quickly picking up touch typing

The big thing I learned this week is that I have JUST barely enough energy to homeschool... but nothing else. The DR appts on Tuesday (Me) and Wed (Nik) wiped me out. Completely. On Thursday we struggled to get school done. Ben was grumpy; I was cranky. We tried to drag ourselves to the LEAD kickoff party and it was a mistake. By the time I got there my knees and hands felt shaky. The noise and crowds were too much. We managed to stay an hour so the kids could see their friends... but it was a struggle to stay upright. All I wanted to do was lie down on the ground right then and there. Afterwards I got home and collapsed. Absolutely collapsed. Luckily Anje took the kids out for the whole afternoon. Friday I woke up tired. Friday was Art/Music/Creative Writing day so it was easy to teach. When I get the energy I will scan the cool pictures the kids did.  

The lesson I learned is that I need to compress our school week to 4 days + 1 phonics morning. Now I am trying to reconfigure our schedule... After playing around with it last night I think we are going to do both Science and History only once a week... and have a Lab/Project period once a week that will alternate between history projects and science labs. The 4th slot will be the Art/Creative Writing slot...

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Tina in CT said...

I hope your health is gradually improving so that you won't have such fatigue. Thank goodness you have found the nanny to help with the boys.