Quick update... pics of CT to come

Ok. We're HOME. The week in CT flew by too quickly! I'll post lots of pictures in the next couple of days... in the meantime several of you have asked how I am feeling... so here is an update.

The Pindolol has really helped -- I am feeling better. I am far from feeling well... but I can now spend most of the day out of bed. I have enough energy to go sit at the beach for a couple of hours... but not to swim or kayak without crashing. I have enough energy to be up and about for a couple of hours... as long as I rest most of the remainder of the day. I still have muscle/joint pain that is completely disproportionate to the activity I engaged in. But right now I am so grateful to get some measure of my former life back...

It was SO nice to actually be able to take part in life while at my parents -- to sit and watch the kids play on the beach, to join the family for dinner, to hang out and talk without being totally overwhelmed.

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Tina in CT said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better and able to be up and about for more of the day. An improvement of earlier in the summer.

Look forward to your pictures on the blog.