Turkeys and tree frogs

One of the great things about being at my parents is that it is practically like camping -- only with comfortable beds and warm showers. Unless it is pouring my parents eat all of their meals outside. Their back yard is surrounded in all directions by woods... so there is a constant stream of wildlife that is used to humans and therefor rather tame. Turkeys, all kinds of birds, deer, and foxes are all regular visitors. The turkeys are so tame that they come around during dinner asking to be fed. After dinner they perch up in the trees for the night.

The cutest visitor was a little tree frog that my mom found hiding in the grill.


Tina in CT said...


Anonymous said...

I object that the invader of my outside cooking stove is being called the "cutest thing". He may be a cutest thing, but only as long as he is outside of the stove.
It was the third time I had to get him out of my stove.
And I hope you would not call two mice nesting inside of it two cutest things!