Everyday Math Word Problems

Today I was faced with a real-life word problem. The boys need sneakers. Only Stride Rite shoes fit them well... Does it make economic sense to drive to the outlets if we only need shoes?

Gas costs $4.20/Gallon. We will eat lunch at the outlets ($16). Our car gets 25 miles to the gallon. It is 49 miles each way to the outlets and 16 miles to the nearest Stride Rite store. Shoes at the outlet cost $25/pair and at the Stride Rite store they cost $50/pair...


Got it?!
Cost of Shoes + Cost of Transportation (+ Food at outlet) = Total Cost
Outlets ($25*2)+$32.80=$82.80
Perimeter mall ($50*2)+$5.35= $105.35

Extra credit: How expensive does gas have to get before it makes more sense to go to the regular store?


Anonymous said...

the question is - can you get enough gas in Atlanta to make it to the outlet store and back?

Katya said...

Actually that is PRECISELY the question we were debating last night... could we actually rely on getting gas or not...
Tonight on the news they were showing people who waited over an hour for gas and places where the lines were a mile long.
The intersection near our house (which has 2 gas stations) is a terrible mess whenever those stations get gas.

Tina in CT said...

Less stress. Buy the $50 sneakers at the local Stride Rite.

Tina in CT said...

You haven't recently written about how you're feeling. Hopefully better, stronger and not tiring as easily.