A moment of silence...

7 years ago today Ben was a toddler. We had no TV at our house so when BBC announced that a plane had just crashed into the first tower we drove to a friend's house... we turned on the TV just as the towers started to fall. I still cannot watch them fall without crying.

To keep up with the news we installed a TV at home... Ben hated the TV -- he associated it with mom crying. I took up knitting because I needed something to do with my hands to distract myself... The first sweater I ever knit was this red-white-and-blue sweater in honor of 9-11.


Tina in CT said...

I remember at first being so worried about Chris until Tami got through to me at work on her cell phone. I found out that his office was not there the Towers. She had me call his parents to let them know they were OK.

I had tears rolling down my face reading Tami's blog about 9/11.

9/11 was on my mind a lot this week as I'm sure it has been on the minds of all Americans.

Anonymous said...

I can not think about that day without tears coming to my eyes either.
In all those years I never made it to Ground Zero, even so we leave just 30 miles from it as a crow flies. Couple of years ago we took a boat around Manhattan. I had to avert my eyes when we passed Twin Towers area.

Anonymous said...

The freedom pit sits there as a monument to political failure. They've had 7 years to do something, and instead, they've wasted millions and turned it into a tourist trap. They should have cleared the rubble, and put up a building twice as big as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

you may be right - the political failure is the song of our times.
It is sad so that in 7 years it is still nothing but a "construction site".
May be we should put lipstick on it - it seems to bring excitement in general population.

Anonymous said...

We must be really stressed out nation lately.
My daugther was making plans to come to CT with Ben for the first time just around 9-11. And the plans just had to be adjusted.
This August, when we took Ben and Nik to Broadway, on the way to the train station, Ben described in details his experience in the scary restaurant in New York he had last summer. And than he asked me directly and very seriously - does something always happens at Great Central station?(He was referring to the explosion that happened on 45th st just at the time they where leaving the station. Theirs was the last train to leave the station before it was evacuated).
I just said - NO. Nik was very attentive and very cooperative for Nik . He actually preferred sitting on the bench to walking along the train tracks.That is not anything I will expect from Nikky.
What amazes me is that a small group of people like the ones that read this or Tamara's blog have so much personal experience with calamities, including a child who have been to NY city only twice and expects the worse already. Lucky for me, nothing blow up in NYC when we took kids there .

Annie said...

Good heavens! That was some "first knitting project"! I hope you've kept it up!

Katya said...

Ironically, if you have no idea what you are doing you don't know enough to be scared!

I actually rewrote the pattern to have those squares because the pattern was for a plain sweater. Then I looked up how to change colors in a book... only months later did someone point out to me that intarsia is considered a difficult skill. And that re-writing patterns is something that most knitters never try. :-)