Whoo hoo! We have math again!

After 2 weeks when I despaired that everything we learned had been forgotten... and Ben was struggling with the basics... he made a huge breakthrough today and we are back on track. And addition with renaming was magically mastered overnight. It is the mystery of learning -- sometimes a great leap backwards precedes a step forward.

And somehow he remembered place value, many math facts, the tricks for adding 8 and 9, too.

It really makes you wonder how the brain works... Where was this information last week? Where does it go when it goes away? What is the brain doing while it is adding new skills?


Tina in CT said...

I'll say he remembered! Look at the math on the white board.

Anonymous said...

I would guess, the brain is sleeping, which is the same thing as sorting information to have it available in some usable structure. It is probably why it is so useful to memorize things, specially the ones you do not understand - it gives your brain time to work out some solutions.
Great news for you and Ben.

Annie said...

At least he learns it! I homeschooled my math-disabled daughter and she would eventually "understand" after a long and grueling lesson. Then she'd do significant practice. I'd think, "Great!" Then the next day she'd bring me a problem like that and tell me, "You never showed me how to do these." And such it was for her whole school career, not only in HS, but in Montessori, and eventually highschool. So, count yourself lucky!