Disastrous dioramas

Our study of ancient Rome has centered around the Magic Treehouse book, Vacation Under a Volcano. Today we read about the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. We also looked at a book of pictures of Pompeii and read Pliny's account of the disaster. So when I saw this diorama I thought it would be the perfect project to cap off our week.


It has been so hard to put together. The instructions are difficult to follow. Or maybe it is in paper-folding-jargon. In any case... after much puzzling, folding of teeny tiny pieces and quiet cursing Ben and I finished...

I must say that the picture does not do the cobbled-together feel of this project justice. Somehow Ben loved the whole process and the result. Now he wants to make the Titanic one... I'm done with the whole paper-folding thing. He's on his own for The Titanic. I have had enough disasters.

As a bonus, here is Ben working on a Latin exercise.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, look for more tranquil period to fold the paper.
Or use US dollars, it might give you some relieve. It will work mostly for you, not so much for Ben.

MoscowMom said...

You had me laughing about your having had enough disasters! I think I remember seeing some super virtual tours online of Pompeii, any luck with something like that?

The Titanic unit will be fun :-) Loved the picture of Ben doing his Latin; you, and he, are doing such a superb job.