The Vikings and Viking Raids

Well – imagine if you saw people right outside your house running down the streets of your neighborhoods and stealing stuff. And those Vikings would steal anything they could get their hands on. They travelled by sea in big ships that had terrible looking dragons on the front of them.

The Vikings lived in big houses that had no chimney and one thing is that if they lived on a field or something they would make their houses out of straw and stuff but if they lived in a forest they made their houses out of wood. And they had a big fire in the middle of their house.

If you wanted to learn something you would have to... lets say your dad was a weaver. You would watch him weave and then you could weave, too. It is kind of like homeschooling. Your mommy teaches you and you learn from her, except the Vikings they didn't have school workbooks and pianos and stuff. They didn't have any of that unless they stole it. And that is how the Vikings were.
***I am now picturing fierce, armed Vikings running into a thatch cottage in England to steal a piano score and math workbook***


Tina in CT said...

Great report!

Anonymous said...

He made a great template! Now he only needs to replace the word Viking by any other invader name he has to write about - and - the report is done.