Saturday started cold (54) and proceeded to get colder and colder. Ian took the boys on a bike ride to the MARTA station and then they took the train to the convention center and went to an environmental fair. The boys got to meet the head of recycling for Atlanta, a local bike group that has free, indoor, bike racing for kids, and a woman who taught them how to do worm composting. Now they want us to do worm composting in our kitchen. At first I thought it might be fun... but after my vermin experience on Sunday I am having second thoughts about keeping food scraps under the sink!

By the time the den meeting started it was 45 and windy. Normally it is in the 60's during November... so this was COLD.
We had three stations: hopscotch and chalk

hand-tools (saws, drills, screwdrivers)

Requirement 12 (courage and doing the right thing)

I was in charge of the discussion of doing-the-right-thing. I started off by asking them, "If you saw all of your friends doing something that was wrong would you go join them?" Every boy said, "No!". I then countered with, "How many of you climbed the hill with the 'No tresspassing' signs a few minutes ago even though you knew you shouldn't?" Almost every boy had to raise his hand. :-) We then went through the scenarios in the handbook, acting some of them out.

Sunday was a crazy mix of errands, laundry, and more errands in preparation for Thanksgiving. Somehow we lost a good chunk of our silverware and we didn't have enough for everyone! Or enough glasses!


Tina in CT said...

Good subject/lesson for the scout troop.

Anonymous said...

Sound pretty hectic and cold, as far as weekends go.
You had colder weekend than us.