%&^#$#&$#! Hello Kitty

So I have not gotten a good night sleep for three nights. Why? Hello Kitty.

Nikki got a really cute Hello Kitty alarm clock from the Switch Witch. It has multi-color LED lights inside. Somehow it got set to go off at 1 am. There is no off button as far as I can tell. And it goes off every 20 minutes for an hour or two and then stops. On Monday I took the batteries out -- no go. It has BACKUP batteries that you can't access. On Tuesday I set it to demo mode -- alarm still works. Last night I set every setting I could find to off -- it still woke me up. This morning I finally figured out how to turn the *#($*#&$(* alarm off. Honestly... I had to hold a combination of 3 different (unlabeled) buttons down AT THE SAME TIME.

The exterminator came yesterday and put out poison in the attic. Last night, every time the house got quiet, it sounded like big dogs were chasing bowling balls around the attic as the rats fought over the poison bait. Yuck.

I am tempted to go to a hotel tonight to get some peace and quiet from Hello Kitty and the rats.


Tina in CT said...

After the day you had, you surely didn't need to hear the Hello Kitty alarm going off and the rats fighting for the poison bait over your heat. Oh my!

I have a mouse problem so after reading your blog, I bought Decon at Wal-mart last night. I need to set it out in my cellar where the root of the problem is. I just don't want to see the dead mice. That's why I hate the traps.

Tinamama said...

oh my! hope you get some sleep soon! :)

Anonymous said...

we got some ultrasound devices in hardware store this year. They do scare and confuse mice and spiders. It is nor 100% proof, but helps a lot.

Joe Ganci said...

Poor Katya. Do they have exterminators for Hello Kitties?

Tina in CT said...

I bought one of the ultrasonic devices at my hardware store this year but my mice don't seem to mind it. Thanks for the advice and wish it worked here.

Katya said...

No... the exterminators cannot help me with noisy trains, messy children, or obnoxious kawaii accessories.