The Crash

Well... we all knew it was inevitable... and today it came... the post-holiday-daddy-is-back-on-the-road crash.

Today has been an endless stream of tantrums, tears, fighting, pushing, poking, hitting, screaming, and wailing. And that is just me. The kids were even worse.

Ugh... I was going to post about the kids decorating cute little trees... but I want to strangle them at the moment so I am going for a walk instead.


Tinamama said...

i'm really sorry you're having problems...but i have to tell ya that its really nice to read that other moms feel like strangling their kids sometimes too! i get so tired of reading blogs where everything is happy/joyful lalalalaland. LOL! makes me want to strangle the blogger! ROFL!

Tina in CT said...

Know the feeling (not with Tami's dad on the road) but wanting to strangle her many times. A walk was a good idea.