O Christmas tree...

This weekend Jason and Kari hung out after everyone else left.

I was feeling sad that Ian was leaving on Monday... so we went and got a big Christmas/New Years tree and put it up. We took out all of the ornaments, heated some spiced wine, and put on holiday music. It was so nice to do it as a family.

Like everything else this week, there was a certain amount of fiasco involved in putting the tree up. We pulled our old tree stand out of the basement and itt looked pretty bad but we were in a hurry so we filled it with water and put the tree in it anyway. Mistake. Trusty Rusty had gotten so rusty that the tree did not drink any of the water!! So we had to take all the ornaments down, take the tree down, cut a couple of inches off, and put the tree on a new stand. Phew.


Tina in CT said...

Who are Jason and Kari?

Very pretty tree.

We used to put our tree up two weeks before Xmas and when Tami was younger, she loved helping us decorate. By time she was in high school, she didn't have much interest so her father and I did it. Now that it's just the dachshund and me, I don't put one up unless the kids are here. I do miss my house all decorated for the holidays.

How horrible that you had to take everything down and then decorate it all over again.

Anonymous said...

Good looking elka!
Makes me want to go out and get one too.
Put a tablet or two of crashed aspirin in the water, it is a preservative and helps the tree to stay fresh longer.
We were good this year and got the Christmas tree dishes out the day after Thanksgiving. The next project is an eggnog. I have to find the mysterious recipe written partly by Lev, partly by me on the dirty piece of paper. You dictated it to us over the phone and for some reason we had to take turns writing it down. One year I will make a computer file for it, but for now I am searching the bookshelves in the kitchen. Do it every year, and every year swear to type it in if I find it. Never fail to find it yet, but never type it in either.

Katya said...

Basically you make a thin, stirred, custard and then lighten it with whipped cream...

It should be very similar to this one... except that my recipe calls for beating the cream into whipped cream: