ROUS... I don't think they exist... cont...

So on the day after Thanksgiving we discovered that the rat under our sink was not our only visitor... there were several more that had set up house in the basement. So, before leaving, Ian set 4 rat traps... I went to check them this morning...

Then Ian discovered that he had left the light on in one of the cars... so let's all sing together:

"On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
Two dead rats and a car with a dead battery"

**update** I just called an exterminator... they looked all around and they are coming back on Wednesday to treat for rats, ants, and roaches.


Tina in CT said...

OMG!!!! Glad you called in the pros.

Joe Ganci said...

Rats of Unusual Size?

I have seen them with my own eyes, in a documentary called The Princess Bride!

MoscowMom said...

How horrible, but you made it SOOO funny!!!! You'll bring that up for the rest of your life!!!!!

Glad you called in the pros.

Anonymous said...

the only way to go is to go with the professionals.
And you do not want to faint in the basement on the sight of large dead rat in the trap.