Glimpses of our homeschooling week

A solar-powered Mars rover...

Reading while we are supposed to be eating breakfast... (How can I POSSIBLY tell him to put the book down?!)

And a really cool science demonstration.

This is actually a really great demonstration to show that molecules of a hot substance move quickly and molecules of a cold substance move slowly. Make identical glasses of ice water and really hot water. Put a drop of food coloring in each glass. In the glass of hot water the color disperses quickly while in the ice water it takes a long time.
We discussed what was going to happen before we did the experiment and Ben correctly predicted the outcome... but it looked way cooler than we expected.


Tina in CT said...

I often read while eating and do it all the time here at work.

Anonymous said...

Browning motion in action!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing! I am now inspired to pick up BFSU again.