Yellow River Game Ranch

There was $1 entry day at the Yellow River Game Ranch and we took the boys. Honestly, my expectations were VERY low. I find most zoos a little depressing and I was not sure that petting deer was really such a good idea.
It was GREAT. Deer, peacocks, chickens, roosters, and all sorts of birds and mammals wander around a rather large wooded area that is criss-crossed with trails. The deer are so tame that they will come right up to you and eat carrots out of your hand. There are also enclosures with bunnies, buffalo, goats, pigs, sheep, coyotes, bobcats, a bear, 2 cougars, foxes, and raptors. You can feed (by hand or through a chute) almost all of the animals. Even the squirrels will come and take peanuts out of your hand.

I think I was every bit as excited as the kids.


Tina in CT said...

How cool to be able to be among the deer and patting them! I'd also be excited about it.

Anonymous said...

Not me. I hate them all, except of turkeys. They eat everything I plant, they are arrogant, unfriendly and aggressive (I mean dear) the other are just mostly sly and clever. And ours (dear) are much bigger than the ones in your pictures. They are pretty distractive too, one just caused about 3K dollars damage to my car. And we did not even run him over, he jumpted and heat the car right in the middle of drivers door.
No sympathy hear!
The pictures look cute, I have to admit.