Busy Saturdays!

Saturday was one of those non-stop days for us... First there was a Scout Leadership pancake breakfast.
THEN Ben and I headed to the scout hut where a band-saw was set up. We rough-cut Ben's pinewood derby car --now the sanding begins.
THEN we took our den to the Martin Luther King historic site.

The Martin Luther King historic site is worth the visit for anyone who gets down here. The visitor center is located next door to the Ebeneezer Baptist Church and right down the street from King's boyhood home. It has a pretty good exhibit, lots of artifacts, and a movie. We broke the boys up into very small groups and they were quiet and engaged looking at the photographs and watching the movie clips. Afterwards we walked across the street to Dr. King's gravestone. I think the solemnity of the occasion was overshadowed by the fountain being frozen over and snow starting to fall -- both rare sights around here.

Looking at our den, it is hard to image that just 50 year ago our boys would not have all been allowed to be in the same den.

Growing up, as I have, in the north and post-segregation... the past depicted at the museum seems remote and foreign... I hope that is even more true for all of my boys.

And tomorrow our country gets to showcase how far we have come as a nation in 50 years.


Tina in CT said...

It is just so amazing and I wish I'd taken the day off tomorrow to be glued to the TV. I'll watch the swearing in ceremony at noon on my computer at work.

What a great field trip with the Scouts. Amazing when you think about it how they couldn't be Boy Scouts together or in school together either.

Anonymous said...

Yes, tomorrow will be a very nice day.
I just hope people will stop painting him as some sort of savior, he is just a man whom we elected to be our leader. We do have some responsibility to our society too, we need to put our thoughts and actions together.