Long week with few highlights

Our first week back to school has been long and stressful week. Between Ian leaving after 2 weeks at home and a very quick (1.5 day) visit from Gamma things were a little rough. And then things totally fell apart after Gamma left... the drama and tears have been non-stop.
Normally I would have just taken the rest of the week off... but we missed so many days in December due to illness that we had to get a minimum of school work done this week... and that was like pulling teeth. It took us the WHOLE day to get through a morning's worth of school work. A short math worksheet (15 minutes) would take an HOUR of whining and complaining. I JUST (6:45 pm) finished yesterday's history lesson with Ben (on King Clovis). Ugh.
- Ben pitched major tantrums. We would do 10 minutes of school work, dissolve into a puddle, and I would send him to his room to cool off. Repeat ad nauseum.
- Nik pitched major tantrums. Over everything. EVERYTHING.
- I pitched a major tantrum. I got so mad at Ben I kicked a lego thing he had put together across the floor and broke it.
- At the park Ben threw a stick and hit Nik in the ear.
- Nik was teasing the dog by jerking his toy around and the dog accidentally bit Nik's finger while trying to grab the toy.
Oof. What a day. Oh... and our car got broken into this week. As did our neighbors.

The only highlights of our week were Ben reading Depereaux aloud and our really cool lab where we used binocular to see the sun up close... If you've never tried it... the effect is REALLY cool... turn the binoculars the wrong way, point them to the sun, and then use a piece of paper to see it!! We didn't see any sun spots... but we are going to try again tomorrow with the telescope!
DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN THROUGH THE BINOCULARS!! Seriously. You will blind yourself.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like very stressful week! It is a good thing that only one day is left in it.

Katya said...

So true.. I am counting down the hours left in this week...

Tina in CT said...

It can only get better as you've hit the low.

Joe Ganci said...

re: The binoculars and the sun...very cool! I decided to try it so I grabbed my binoculars and went outside with a piece of paper. But I didn't see anything at all on the paper! Then I realized it was because it's nighttime now and the sun had gone down a few hours ago. I guess I'll try again tomorrow, preferably before it gets dark again.

Sorry about the stressful stuff! Here's one way to think about it: you got a lot of stressful stuff all at once. You've reached your quota for a while, so the powers-that-be should leave you alone for a while!