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Nik: The clouds are going really fast.
Me: Where are they going?
Nik: To cloud school
Me: What do you think they teach in could school?
Nik: How they get out the water.
Me: And what else?
Nik: How when they get out of water they die.
Oh... I didn't have any more questions about cloud school after that. A few minutes later Nik added...
Nik: At school today we learned about water. I said water comes from clouds and bathtubs.


Anonymous said...

Ask him where the electricity comes from. I would like to know his answer before I disclose my unfortunate answer to this question years ago.
Does Nik answer about clouds reminds you of a poem
Tuchki nebesnye
vechnie stranniky
stepyu lazurnyu
zepyu zemmzuzgnyu...
I think he can fit Lermontov shoes

Tina in CT said...

I just read this to Tami as she packs (and the girls are upstairs doing who knows what). We are both chuckling and saying how cute his comments were.