Upside down house...

Our house is upside down:

Our kitchen sink is in our bathroom.

Our kitchen is in our bedroom -- we have a mini-fridge, a microwave (the packrat thing again), and the pressure/slow cooker. If we need to cook something on a burner we have a grill with a burner. Ian fried eggs this morning on the outside grill. 

The dishes and pots and pans are in the dining room.

The pantry is the bookshelf in our bedroom. 

Since things were so crazy anyway I decided to spend Saturday doing the taxes while Ian and the boys went biking. Might as well get all the stress out of the way at once so that once this chaos is over I don't have to spend time dealing with more stress.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing you got yourself a fridge.
Did anyone shoewed up to work on kitchen today?