A belated happy Passover...

My Passover Things (to the tune of “These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things”)
Cleaning and cooking and so many dishes,
Out with the hametz, no pasta, no knishes.
Fish that’s gifellted, horseradish that stings,
These are a few of our Passover things.

Matzoh and karpos and chopped-up haroset,
Shankbones and kiddish and Yiddish neuroses.
Tante who kvetches and uncle who sings,
These are a few of our Passover things.

Motzi and maror and trouble with Pharaohs,
Famines and locusts and slaves with wheelbarrows.
Matzoh balls floating and eggshell that cling,
These are a few of our Passover things.

When the plagues strike,
When the lice bite,
When we’re feeling sad…
We simply remember our Passover things,
And then we don’t feel so bad.

I found this at this blog but it seems to be all over the internet so I am not sure who the original author is... There is a possible history/attribution on this site as well as more funny passover songs.

I have to admit that we did absolutely nothing for passover this year. Often we have a seder with some friends or at least make matzoh lasagna (a family tradition thanks to Nancy Moshe) but this year we didn't even buy matzoh. Of course I can't eat matzoh and I didn't have a stove to bake any...


Anonymous said...

That is very cute, whoever the author is.
I cut quite a number of "my favorite things " this year. And I disapprove of any holiday(except of Thanksgiving) starting on Thursday night, so I simplified things to fit my schedule. Friday night we had lots of bitter herbs, black reddish salad and chicken soup with matzoh balls. We did not have actual matzoh until Saturday - when I went food shopping in the morning and bought the last (very small) box of whole wheat matzoh, my only other choice was chocolate matzoh which I did not find very attractive.
Tonight I made lamb roast with mint and baked beans (nod to Catholic Easter).
Next weekend I will, at the very least, make eggs hard boiled in onion skins (nod to Russian orthodox Easter).
For somebody who does not believe in god, I spent a lot of time cooking for him (them).

Tina in CT said...

Chocolate matzoh - not something I'd want to try.

Katya, I think you did well with no kitchen to work with.

Natalia told me this morning that they were celebrating two Easters -ours and Russian. Next week they'll have their egg hunt on Russian Easter.