Trying to hide from the holidays

Passover passed us by this year but Easter I couldn't get out of. The kids have been looking forward to the Easter bunny, coloring eggs, and egg hunts for weeks. They have talked about Easter non-stop. So I had to do something. Unfortunately I did a rather elaborate egg hunt last year with eggs that had clues to the location of the baskets... so the bar had been set pretty high!

The difficulty of pulling off Easter was compounded by having no kitchen and being sick. I got glutened twice the previous week (which lowers my immune system) so my cold/allergies turned into bronchitis. I was feeling worse and worse all week so it was a struggle to get out and get Easter supplies. I finally went to the doctor on Friday because I was using my rescue inhaler every couple of hours... Luckily my doctor decided not to take any chances (given my history of getting pneumonia) and gave me antibiotics right away. So I am actually getting better.

On my way home from the doctor I swung by CVS and Dollar Tree... between the two I managed to pull together reasonable baskets - butterfly nets, chalk, bubbles, bug catching boxes, water balloons, and a chocolate bunny.

Ben also managed to get sick on Saturday... or at least was tired and had a low fever. I'm not sure what was up with that... he was sick enough on Saturday that our friends from Michigan decided not to stop and spend the evening with us (WAAAAAH) but he was completely better this morning.

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MoscowMom said...

Poor you!!!!!!! I barely pulled off Easter, too... Dropping off K for a birthday party on Saturday at 3 turned into a "the whole family needs to stay because we're throwing something that resembles an elaborate wedding reception and you couldn't leave without horribly offending us and every other parent from the class, no matter what it was you had planned to be doing during the NEXT SIX HOURS!"

Yes. More on that later.

In any case, as I literally stumbled into the house at 10:20 p.m. with two dirty, exhausted kids, I barely managed to pull out all the boxes to get their Easter basket put together.

There was NO way I could pull of one of my infamously elaborate (and CHERISHED BY THE GIRLS) egg hunts with clues that are in rhyme...

I pulled it off by penning a card from the Easter bunny that he would be back NEXT Sunday, Russian Orthodox Easter, to continue the fun with the hunt. They actually bought it, despite some initially LOUD cries and disappointment, thank God.

But, leave it to K to wonder WHY he was doing this... She knew how tired I was the night before... She actually made me give her handwriting samples done with different pens to "solve the case" of who wrote the nut. The bunny... or Mom.

Her desire to believe lead her exclude me from the suspects :-)

Hope you're feeling better! We're STILL not completely well... UGH! (Six hours underdressed outdoors at that party did NOT help...)