Sunday in the Garden with Joe

My friend Joe was in town for a conference again. The last time Joe was in town (yes, Joe, it WAS a year ago) we had dinner at the Vortex but he didn't get to meet my family... so it was great that this time he could hang out with us on Sunday afternoon. 

We all went to the Botanical Gardens where there was a celebration in honor of the new sculpture exhibit. They had a great scavenger hunt for the kids -- cement frogs were hidden all over the garden and you had to follow cute, rhymed clues to find them.

Each frog had a name tag so you had to write down the names of the frogs. The frogs were pretty well hidden and they were all over the park so it took a couple of hours to find them all.
If you found all of the frogs you got a packet of flower seeds.

This weekend we also had our first meals in the new kitchen - flank steak, roasted asparagus, lemon risotto and a strawberry jelly roll on Saturday and then pancakes, bacon and eggs for dinner on Sunday.


Tina in CT said...

How nice that your friend was in town. How do you know Joe?

The blue and white sculpture in the background is beautiful.

The frog hunt must have been fun.

Katya said...

I've known of Joe for about 10 years because we were on the same work-related email group. We met and became friends about 4 years ago at a conference.

Joe Ganci said...

Yep, and I could never have hoped for a better and nicer friend than Kayta! Plus, I've been following the family goings-on here on Katya's blog for a long time so when I finally met the family, I was already a fan. I felt as if I were meeting rock stars! Ian, Ben and Nikki were real, real, real people!!! It was great to finally meet them.

Ian and Katya have an open invitation to stay at our place outside Washington, D.C. WHENEVER.

Joe Ganci said...

Oh, and just so I'm clear, they are more than welcome to bring the boys too when they come visit!

They remind me of my two boys when they were little. (sniff sniff)

Anonymous said...

the Botanical gardens in Atlanta are beautiful! And there are more glass statures by the same sculptor we saw there. I do not remember his name,but they all very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
it is nice to hear that you liked meeting Ian and boys.
I do read your blog.

Katya said...

This morning Ben said to me, "you know, mom, your friends is really, really nice." Couldn't have said it better myself.

Joe Ganci said...

It's so nice to hear that your kids like me, Katya! There is nobody more honest than a child, so when a child compliments me, well, that's better than ice cream on a hot day!

I've posted all the photos from our outing on my Flickr page: