How do you cap off a day of doing nothing and living backwards?

How do you cap off a day of doing nothing and living backwards?

With a breakfast feast, of course!

We had quite a silly day. The conversations over meals were especially funny... "Would anyone like less of anything?" "I would like less mac-and-cheese." "This mac-and-cheese is really disgusting." "Ben, I'm so sad to hear you say that." Most things it was pretty easy to come up with a negative or opposite for, except "Thank you." There really is no polite opposite to "Thank you."

Ben played along really well... Nik quickly got confused and frustrated with all the backwards speaking even though it was his idea in the first place.

Nik helped make the muffins... no... Nik MADE the muffins. He read the ingredients and instructions on the back of the box by looking at the pictures. He found, took out, and measured all of the ingredients. He mixed the muffins. All I did was pour them in the papers and put them in the oven!


Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like Alice in Wonderland to me. You should of added a lot of pepper to your breakfast meal, just to see who looks better as a piglet.

Joe Ganci said...

How did the muffins turn out that Nik made?

And I have an idea of the opposite of Thank You...Thank Me!

Anonymous said...

it is pure genius! Thank me!

Priscilla said...

Very funny. What a good way to play out the day.

Larry and I have a thing we do sometimes with kids. They say, "what's the magic word?" and we say, "NOW!" But the kids have to be well schooled in saying please for it to be funny...and safe.