How do you tell when a green tomato is ripe?!

We planted a number of unusual tomato varieties this year (Mr. Stripey, Arkansas Traveller, Green Zebra).

Our Green Zebra grew the fastest... and looked like it would be our first tomato of the summer but we had a dilemma -- how do you tell when a green tomato is ripe?! It slowly turned a vaguely yellowish green so I kept squeezing it until it felt soft enough that I guessed it was ripe...

Once it was soft we decided to take a chance and cut it open. It was delicious. It had a strong tomato flavor with hints of lime. Wonderful. It has also been hardy and prolific... so I think we will definitely grow it again next year.


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious!
No hopes for tomatoes here.
We got a real problem - the late blight, similar to the one that cost Irish potato famine. I have heard about it on the morning news. And I do have it!
I do not know what to do, should I really pull all the plants that have any signs of problems out or treat them, cut back the sick branches and wait. Very sad. We are just starting to get some dry and sunny weather.

Tina in CT said...

I don't have any veggies but the slugs did a job on the marigolds and ate a lot of holes in my rubecia.

Your green tomato looks perfect.

Joe Ganci said...

Yum! Love tomatoes from the garden. These sound really good!