Anole rodeo

We're very fond of anoles around here. Ben had pet anoles for many years. Then last year we adopted the anole which came in and hid in our Christmas tree -- it stayed with us until the weather turned warm and then went back to the camellia bush in our front yard.

This morning, once Ben and Nik finished their school work, they went to play out in the yard. I was sitting on the bed and perusing the Bear Cub Handbook when suddenly Nikki came running in and shouting, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Come quick, come quick, come quick... Ben..." Worried that something happened I ran to the back porch where I found Ben grinning with joy and holding this:

That is the smallest anole I have ever seen. SO cute. The boys are hunting for bugs to feed it...


Anonymous said...

I enlarged the picture to see him. He is cute!
What kind of insects does he eat?
Yesterday I saw the first young praying mantis (green and slow), which, I assume, hatched from one of the 4 nests I bought this spring. Hope the fellow will find what (whom) to eat in the garden.

Katya said...

Pretty much anything that he is big enough to swallow. When we have kept them as pets we have bought live crickets and mealworms at the pet store to feed them.