Week in review...

Not much really to blog about this week... other than all of the UK drama things have been slow.

Ben wrote his first essay which was about Sea Snakes. He read an article, took notes on the article, and then wrote the essay from his notes.

Nikki read his first book - the first Bob book. He also met his Kindergarten teacher and he can't wait to start. He keeps asking me every morning, "Do I have homeschool today or am I going to my REAL school?"

On Saturday the boys went to the Soapbox derby at Piedmont Park. They got seats right at the finish line and had a blast watching the crazy contraptions coming down the hill.

Then in the afternoon we had boy scouts. Then this morning we had coffee with a neighbor and hung out... A nice lazy August weekend.

Next week Nikki starts school and Ben can return to a full school schedule. For now Ian is working locally on a proposal so we are soaking up every minute we can with him. The kids have loved having him home for dinner, the dog has loved having someone take him running, and I have loved having an adult conversation in the evenings.


Anonymous said...

the London thing gave you a few extra days of family life.
May be not such a bad thing.
Ne schitaya togo chto mama ostalas bez chvosta.

Joe Ganci said...

Amazing what you call a slow week!

It sounds pretty monumental to me.

Ben wrote his first essay EVER! That would be enough to make this a great week.

Then you wrote that Nikki read his first book EVER! Wow, another huge event!

And then to top it all, a soapbox derby! I'm so jealous! I've never seen one live and in person!

Oh, how I wish I could have one of YOUR weeks. :-)

Katya said...

The soap box derby is great... you should definitely go if it comes to DC!