Learning the WRONG lesson

Yesterday we went to the boy scout roundup and the snake guy did his awesome presentation. As we were going home in the car I asked Nik what he learned. He said, "If you see a snake coming towards you, step on it gently with your boot."
I said, "I'm sure that's not what the snake guy told you to do..."
Nik said, "No. But that's what he did ever time the snake was trying to go."

We had a long discussion about the difference between a trained professional wearing proper protective equipment and seeing real snakes in the wild.


Tina in CT said...

OMG! I would not have even been able to be in the area as the snake guy as I am PETRIFIED of snakes - can't even see a picture of one. I relate it back to when I was around Nik's age and the boy next door unburied the dead one he'd previously buried and chased me with it. I remember it like it was yesterday. I ran into his house and his mother almost killed him.

Anonymous said...

And what are you going to do if the snake attacks you?
Pay attention to what Nic has to say, he has good and clear mind (for most of the time).