Homeschool, hotel-style and update on our house hunt

We are a little more settled in this week, so we are trying to get into a routine. Since it is still quite chilly (45F) in the morning, we are trying to do our school work first thing. We have set up our books in the pantry/closet:

So we can sit at the dining room table, eat vegemite toast, drink tea, and work on math and reading:

How is our apartment hunt going? The owner of the townhouse is deciding whether to rent the townhouse to us because he wants a 12 month minimum... so the place we are going to see at lunch may be a backup. And I need to call about the one that is in a nice location but yucky and see if we can work something out.


Tina in CT said...

I'm sure you and the boys are happy to be back in a routine.

Hope the townhouse owner decides to rent to you.

Anonymous said...

The shelf looks very cozy and organized. Can you just stay in the apartment your are in now? Looks like your are settling in it nicely.

Katya said...

8 pm. And no news. I'm headin' to bed soon. Gnight.

Katya said...

We didn't get the townhome. They would rather wait for a potential 12mo lease than lease to us right now. Sigh. We are off to do a long day of open houses.