Update on the house hunting...

The owner of the townhouse rejected our application deciding that they would rather wait for someone who can do a 12 month lease so we spent today going to open houses and looking at neighborhoods from 10 am to 3:30pm. I am feeling pretty exhausted and demoralized.

First we started in a new area to broaden our search. After seeing one dark and dingy apartment we saw a real beauty of a house... only to find out that another couple was about to apply for it. Then we saw another slightly dingy but workable house that I think we will apply for... it wasn't the greatest but with a little scrubbing it will work. Then we decided to drive to the center of town and see a fancy, high-rise penthouse. From the flowery language and gorgeous photos I was expecting a lovely apartment suitable for entertaining business colleages -- instead we found a FILTHY apartment that was being lived in by a bunch of smoking college students who didn't believe in cleaning. It was so AWFUL. We saw another 'penthouse' around the corner from that one that was cleaner... but not great.

Then back to this part of town for a little home I was really looking forward to. It was SO pretty in the pictures. The interior was a bit shabby but OK so we were ready to go for it until we stepped out on the back deck and an OVERPOWERING stench hit us. The kind that makes you instantly sick to your stomach. I peeked through the fence that lead to the neighbor's yard and saw a mangy dog and a patio smeared with dog poo. GROSS. That explains the huge number of flies, as well.

In desperation we decided to visit the area where we will be put up in a furnished apartment mid-November if we don't find a place before then. It is OK. It is mostly office building and there are no little parks and not many shops/restaurants/grocery stores. And the traffic patterns are terrible. But it is a reasonable walk to the Botanical Gardens and the aquarium... so it would be workable.

What a day. I have a miserable headache and all I've had to eat is a small fries and a coke from McD.


Anonymous said...

your story sounds so sad!
Hope you find something soon.
Wish I could give you some helpful advice but nothing helpful is coming to my mind.

Tina in CT said...

Oh that poor dog. Did you call the Australian version of the SPCA to have the dog rescued?

What an ordeal you are having finding an apt. Can you stay where you are? Who would think it would be so hard to find a nice rental for the 6 months? Thank goodness you didn't rent over the Internet without seeing the actual place. Could you go with a different realtor that maybe would be more helpful.

I don't doubt that you are exhausted.

Hope tomorrow is better.

MoscowMom said...

Oh, K... I'm so sorry! What's Ian's mailing address there? We have a little something to send you :-) Can you email me it?