Kangaroos! Kangaroos! Kangaroos!

Umm... can you tell we were a little excited to see kangaroos!! We had been planning on going cherry picking today but the lousy weather forced a quick rethink and we headed to Cardinia Reservoir instead. Just a quick drive from Melbourne, the reservoir has a large herd (?) of Eastern Gray Kangaroos:

We saw a couple of moms and their youngsters:

A mom with her joey in her pouch:
And a VERY large male who I would have loved to get a picture of... but my camera ran out of batteries!

I can't get over how magical it is to see kangaroos in real life. They are so much more sweet, and awesome, and scary, and magnificent, and fascinating in person that in a zoo. I could sit all afternoon and watch them...


Tina in CT said...

How cool and exciting! I am with you and am sure I would love to sit forever watching them. You are having such great times there.

Anonymous said...

It is incredible! And even a baby in the pouch!
I think that seeing any animal in the wild is just so much more impressive than in the zoo, even creatures like moose, red fox or raccoon, but seeing a kangaroo.... I can not even imagine it.

Joe Ganci said...

So the real question is, how do they taste? Haha

You got me curious as to what a group of kangaroos is called so I googled it.

Herd is acceptable, but believe it or not the most widely accepted term is "mob" - so watch out. They might be carrying weapons in those pouches.

A third term is troop. So there you go.

Katya said...

The kids have the same question, Joe. Next time we go to market we are going to get a kangaroo steak. :-)

I think they are a troop when you see them off in the distance but a mob when they get too close. The large male got within about 50m of us and I suddenly felt VERY nervous.

Anonymous said...

i had kangaroo skewers at an australian pub in soho once... not bad... gamey and lean...a s you might expect.


Joe Ganci said...

I was not aware that people ate kangaroos! But I suppose I must have known that and blocked it out of my mind. Oh, the humanity! :-)