Mid week expedition

This morning the weather was exceptionally clear and beautiful. As the boys ate pancakes on the back porch the neighbors mentioned that they were going to the beach this morning... so the boys started begging to go, too. I checked the bus schedule (the bus in front of our house goes straight to Brighton Beach) and there was a bus leaving in 12 minutes... so we raced around, packed our bags, and headed for a beach morning.

The beach was beautiful. The sand was full of tons of shells including nice, large, flat ones that skipped perfectly. The ocean was calm, shallow, crystal clear and cold. By the rock jetty there were tidepools and rocks full of seaweed, corals, star fish, crabs, and snails. The boys and I walked out onto the rocks and sat and watched life in the tidepools for most of an hour. The boys kept imagining they were looking at Bikini Bottom and trying to figure out where the Crusty Crab was and which mountain Sandy and Spongebob raced over.

We gathered shells, build boats, and created forts.

Ben even went for a swim. A very brief swim.

Afterwards we caught the train into Prahran and ate at our favorite pizza place. Then, tired and happy, we headed back home to get some rest and get our school work done.

Brighton beach was everything we were hoping for - slightly wild, mostly empty, lots of shells, and some nature watching. And, best of all, it is just a 25 minute bus ride from our house!


Tina in CT said...

25 minutes away - wow!

Anonymous said...

And water looks so beautiful!

Katya said...

I think the water would have been really inviting had both the air and the water been warmer. As it was, the air was barely warm enough not to be wearing sweaters and the water was chilly. About the same as the sound in early July...