Great Ocean Road

While Ben went off to a scout camp this week (more on Wed), Ian, Nik and I headed out to see the Great Ocean Road. The road is one of Victoria's iconic tourist experiences and one the boys and I will tackle in more detail later this year... but we wanted a quick sneak peek so off we went. While I was expecting a pretty spectacular drive along ocean cliffs, I was unprepared for the diversity of the landscape in just the 100km that we drove.
The cliffs were sandstone, and limestone, and dark rock. The surrounding hills varied between bucolic fields with grazing sheep, scrubby savannah-like land, and damp, rainforesty woods that came down right to the sea.The ocean sometimes was calm, sometimes wild. Sometimes dark. Sometimes azure. Sometimes turquoise. Some sand was coarse and reddish. Some white and fine. Every corner we rounded was a new breathtaking view, another tantalizing beach there was just not enough time to see it... words and pictures really can't do it justice...

Oh yeah, and the weather seemed to change around each corner, too. We were hot, freezing, wind-blown, rained on, and sitting in the mist.
And there was SO much we didn't see. We never made it to the 12 Apostles. We didn't see the worms that glow in the dark. We didn't get to the Fairy Caves. We didn't walk through the rainforest canopy. I think we could spend just a week or two easily exploring this area.


Anonymous said...

On every of your entries I have to say - WOW. And it is another WOW entry.
I thought that this road is that spectacular only near Perth. It is time to re-read Bryson.

Tina in CT said...

I also "WOW"! What a gorgeous area. You are really enjoying it to the max.