Guest correspondent - Scout Camping Adventure

When we first arrived me and my dad were the first ones there. We decided to explore. We went up the road a little and found a bunch of kangaroos in a field.


We went back down to the car and waited. It had a pool nearby so we went to check it out. We saw a creepy-crawly. Creepy crawlies are kind of like moving vacuums. They suck to the floor and move around and clean up everything. They are fun to pretend as monsters. I like swimming around with them at the bottom of the pool. This cc kept going up to the top of the water and I kept pulling it back down to the bottom.

[Lunch with his buddies by the pool]

For dinner the first day we had all sorts of pizza and other things. It was fun. We all got our own cabins. Each cabin had 6 people -- there were 9 cabins. There were 55 people -- some were girls and some were boys.

When we all were ready to go to bed we all went into our own cabins. The best thing about the boys cabins is that their place was attached right to the cafeteria so we had our own door for getting in. It was really fun.

[The cabins]

Inside the gym there was a room that on all of the walls was a climbing wall. Our challenge there was to walk around the whole thing. I did it only falling once. There was another kid named Ben who did it also, he fell a couple of times at the end. There was also swimming and playing soccer. It was fun.

One day they said we could do whatever we wanted. Some kids went to the climbing wall and all over.

On one of the days we went out for a giant night walk. We saw bats and owls and all sorts of other things. One of my friends was tossing his glow stick up and it got stuck in a tree.

We went down a flying fox. It is a zip line. I saw, while I was going down it, there was a pond. I got stuck over the pond. There was a bigger flying fox called the Super Zoom. I had to grab a backpack and climb down a mountain and up a bigger one to get to it. When you started off you run off and your feet would be picked right off of the slide and you go speeding down. It was really fun. All of my other friends tried it, too.

We also did canoeing which was really fun. We went around this giant island. Some kids actually went up onto the island. It was kind of donut shaped. It was a pretty small island. My buddy almost wanted to go onto the island but everyone always took the parking spots. There were a couple of places that were like parking spots because it was easy to get onto the island and off. When we got back our bottoms were wet, so were out pants because out paddles kept splashing up onto our seats. It was fun. At the end of the weekend when my mom and my dad and my little brother came to pick me up we got to go swimming. It was cold.

[Which of these scouts is not like the other? Ben and the Australian scouts at the closing ceremony.]


Tina in CT said...

I'm very impressed with his journal - very long and well written. What a great adventure for him and nice to meet Scouts from another country.

Anonymous said...

Nice camping trip!
I could not tell how is one scout is not like the others. How?

Katya said...

All of the Australian uniforms have yellow shoulders... Ben's shirt is solid blue.

Ben is on the right side of the picture between the boy who is not in uniform (in the black shirt) and a child in red shorts.

Ben was very proud of himself. He did ALL of the packing for the trip. He took the list, found everything on the list, and then packed the bags himself!

Katya said...

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier or not, but one of the biggest differences between scouting in America and Australia is that scouting here is mixed-age and co-ed. So there are kids ranging from 7.5 to 10.5 and about a third of the kids are girls!

Anonymous said...

I see now, I did not realized that yellow was a part of the uniform.