America Party

Sorry I haven't been posting much... but there just hasn't been much to post. No big adventures. No little adventures. Just really boring day to day life. We've been recovering from our epic adventure, I've been recovering from bronchitis, and the boys have been buckling down and getting some school work done...

On Saturday the boys were party animals -- they had a birthday party in the morning and then Ian's work mates threw an America Party in the afternoon. The party was a needed bit of Americana complete with cheesy American music, flags, beer, costumes, food and party games. Party games? For adults? You know... like beer pong and corn hole (the game where you toss a beanbag at a board with a hole in it).

The boys had a great time. They were in one of their moods where they are charming, funny, and sweet so they made a great impression. While they didn't try their hand at pong, they aced most of the adults at corn hole. It probably helped that the boys were the only 2 sober people at the party.

For history we've been reading about explorers; the boys have found it very amusing that people would just plant a flag on an inhabited island and claim it for another country. Here are the boys claiming St. Kilda for the Americans:

Nik somehow managed to scam bits off of other people's costumes. Here he is with a flag, sparklers, a crown, a necklace, and a spiked bracelet:


Tina in CT said...

I take it the people throwing the party must be fellow Americans. Your line about the boys being the only sober ones cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Nik is always so resourceful! And he never misses the opportunity to get what is worth getting!
So, I am not surprised at his loot.