RIP Reefs (May 2007 - January 2010)

My beloved Reef thongs (flip-flops) died on Monday.
I bought them in the summer of 2007... Ian was just graduating from UNC and we were heading off on a 2 months camping trip. Nik had just turned 3.

I've worn them at beaches in Maine, Connecticut, North Carolina, Massachusets, Florida and Australia.

I've worn them strawberry picking in the White Mountains.

I've worn them camping and hiking. I ordered toe socks from Japan so I could wear them in the evenings with socks.

I've worn them with a nice dress when walking around NYC.

I even bought green toenail polish so my toes matched my Reefs in the summer.

And on Monday I wore them to the park. A dog peed on them so I washed them and put them out on the patio to dry. Apparently 109 heat does more than dry Reefs -- it shrinks them. And curls them up.

It seems silly to get so sentimental about a pair of sandals... but I have had these for so long and worn them on so many adventures that it makes me sad to see them go.


Tina in CT said...

Can you buy them there?

Katya said...

I just ordered a pair this morning and shipped them to my brother-in-law who will bring them when he comes in February.
Unfortunately they don't make that color anymore!

Tina in CT said...

How nice - A visitor that brings new flip flops.

Joe Ganci said...

I would really like to sing some songs
For Katya's beloved defunct thongs,
(The foot kind, not the bikini),
Unfortunately, I sing like a weenie.

So today for your thongs there is no song,
Just this little poem, not very long,
Bury the thongs and say a prayer,
Treat the next ones with tender loving care.


Anonymous said...

I can understand your grief - I just had to throw away my Tivas at the end of cruise. After one of the excursions I discovered that the soles separated and were only holding together in the few places. I do not even remember how many years I had them(the dragon type, they do not even make them anymore, too bad, really nice design). So I am Tiva-less now.