Australia Day

Tuesday was Australia Day (think 4th of July). Just like 4th of July there were parades, F18 fly-bys, BBQs, fireworks, and festivals.
Ian had the day off so we all headed downtown together:

We ate sausages:

We tried our hand at boxing:

And fencing:

Spinning plates:

And throwing a diablo:

And painted boomerangs that really fly:

Happy Australia Day!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.
Looks like most of activities were in the park.Is it so? And what kind of sausages did you eat?

Anonymous said...

and we are having a sort of America day today too (so not a 4th of July).In 45 minutes we are going to listen to the State of the Union address. I dread it, do not think that state of the union is all that good at the moment.

Katya said...

Most of the events were in King's Domain park which is near the center of Melbourne.

I am not sure what kind of sausages they were because I couldn't have one. :-) I had fries from Lord of the Fries for lunch.

Tina in CT said...

Good day.

I know you can't have flour but is it in sausages?

Katya said...

Sausages often contain thickeners... which can contain wheat. So unless I can see the ingredients I can't eat it. Plus the tongs used to pick up the sausages also touch the bread so bread crumbs get on the tongs and contaminate the sausages.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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