Our new toy...

Nik proudly pushed our new grocery laden shopping cart the whole 1.5km from the market:

Since driving and parking around here are such a pain we keep looking for new ways to do as much as possible by foot so we finally broke down and invested in a cart!


Anonymous said...

Nice cart!
It must be all that hiking that you do is paying off - I can not believe Nik pushed this cart for 1.5km - it is great.

Tina in CT said...

Wise purchase.

Home Education Family - Melbourne said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog, we're very new to home education in our family.

One thing we loved about Melbourne when we first moved here was the 'cart culture' for doing the grocery shopping.

Preston Market is on our train line and there are always so many people taking their carts by train rather than driving.

Driving and parking is such a pain, yet people think we're more than a little weird for choosing to be a car-free family.