Ben's Birthday at Ben Boyd National Park

Our first two nights we stayed in Eden, NSW. The weather was beautiful -- sunny and mild. Ben wanted to visit a beautiful beach for his birthday so we headed, appropriately, to Ben Boyd National Park. First we hiked out to Haycock Point to get a view of the bay in each direction. Looking south towards the beach...

And looking out at the point...

Then we walked back and settled down on the beach. The sand was white, the water azure, and we had it ALL to ourselves.

There was not a person in sight for kilometers. Can you imagine a beach this beautiful being deserted if it was located just a couple of hours from NYC? I can't get over the miles and miles of beautiful coastline... each beach we go to is spectacular, wild, and largely empty. Heaven.

It was clearly a surf beach not a swimming beach so the boys splashed at the edge of the surf but did not go in.

After a lovely morning we headed back to our cabin for an afternoon of swimming in the pool, bouncing at the playground, and a sunset walk.

Umm... about the sling. On Friday night, as I was heading upstairs, I slipped and fell really hard and landed right on my elbow. Lots of ice, pain, swelling, and a trip to the ER. Long story short, ER put it in a sling and I was supposed to wear the sling for a week and then get it re-xrayed if it still hurt. You will see that I quickly got tired of the sling -- I only have it on the first couple of days. :-)


Tina in CT said...

Another absolutely gorgeous beach! Hard to believe it's so close to the city and deserted!

Ouch - your elbow. You're lucky you didn't break it like I did mine.

Home from Russia and tired.

Glenn Kun said...

WOW! NICE BEACH! However, isn't it scary? that you and your family is the only visitor of that place?

Anonymous said...

Great beach for Ben's birthday!
How is your elbow now?
We are back home as well, two weeks just flew by.

Joe Ganci said...

Beautiful there and I happen to think it's great you could have it all to yourselves. It's like, "Hey, look at my own personal beach!"

Sorry about the elbow. Ouchie. But please listen to the doctor!

I thought maybe that baby kangaroo kicked you in the elbow. ;-)

MoscowMom said...

GORGEOUS! So pretty! I was wondering about that sling! I take it you're OK? Happy Birthday, Ben!!!!