Mimosa Rocks NP

Tuesday was a driving day, but since the drive was pretty short we decided to spend the morning at Mimosa Rocks NP. We did the quick hike out to Wajurda Point. From the point there was a picture-postcard view of Nelson Beach:

The sand at Nelson Beach was so fine that if you kicked your feet as you walked the sand squeaked!

It was another spectacular surf beach and Ian did a little body surfing:

But that wasn't the best part. The best part was Nelson Lagoon. Nelson Lagoon had a clean, white sandy bottom and crystal clear turquoise water that was still and calm. It was the most beautiful place to take the kids swimming...

They could play safely in the water to their heart's content...

We really didn't want to leave... but the sun was high and hot and we had our next destination to get to. Here were are in our thongs, sunnies, and swimmers (flip flops, sun glasses and bathing suits) heading back to the car:


Tina in CT said...

Boy, did you luck out with this job assignment. What a gorgeous country and those beaches!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I love this one best - I love the beach you can actually use for swimming not only for looking at.
And the Australian terminology is great!