Buchan Caves

At Buchan Caves there were no campsites left, so we stayed at the Wilderness Retreats and I am so glad we did. Especially when it poured and thunderstormed!

The retreats were cute from the outside:

And charming inside:

There was a nicely outfitted kitchen that was only available to the 6 wilderness retreats and a pretty BBQ area. The retreats area was separate from the rest of the camp ground so it was quiet and peaceful. We could see lots of birds and I even got to hear the call of a Tawny Frogmouth! I spent about 20 minutes with binoculars trying to follow the oom-oom sound to its source but no luck. It might have been sitting right in front of me and I would not have spotted it unless it moved -- they are camouflage masters.

We toured both the Fairy Caves and Royal Caves. They were both beautiful...

The caves had some of the prettiest curtain formations I have seen. The boys thought they looked like bacon:


Anonymous said...

The tent (if you can called it that) looks very cozy.
The bird is very cute and the caves look stunning.
How far did you go into the caves?

Anonymous said...

I do not recommend following L advice - stick to the vegetarian pizza!

Katya said...

The caves are each about 400m long... both caves are actually part of the same cave but you can't easily get from one to the other. There is a third cave, Federal, that is only open a couple of times a year but the tour was already full since they only take 10 people down each day.

You can only see the caves as part of a ranger-led tour. On New Years Day they had tours running every 15 minutes! It was amazingly busy.