Christmas down under

Santa had brought the kids' presents early so our plans for Christmas were simple - we were going to have an Aussie white Christmas -- on the beach. The first day was lovely -- warm and sunny. We immediately went out, had a nice swim, and explored the beautiful rockpools at low tide:

Christmas eve brought gale force winds. Gusts of wind shook the cabin walls. Every time we opened the door everything in our little cabin flew round and round like we were in a hurricane.
Ian and I took a walk while the kids were at Kid's Club and I almost got blown off the rocks by an unexpectedly strong gust that pushed me from behind. Luckily Ian grabbed my arm just in time.

Christmas eve also brought Santa riding a NSW Rural Fire Service truck. The wind was so loud I almost didn't hear him ringing his bell! He handed out baggies of gummy lollies to the kids:

Christmas day dawned gray and cold. We went for an amazing hike (see next post). Then the rain settled in. Chilly, torrential downpours. Brr....

Boxing day was the coldest in 122 years. It was freezing. Luckily it was the first full day of Kid's Club so the kids spent all day doing crafts and playing with friends. There was even a movie night in the evening... so the kids had a fantastic day despite the lousy weather.


Tina in CT said...

Almost falling off a cliff - yikes!

What a great Aussie Christmas you all had and the place you stayed sounds great.

Anonymous said...

How cold was it?
I love Santa in the fire truck!

Katya said...

It got up to about 14c... which is 58 F.

A bit chilly for the beach :-)

Anonymous said...

14C is a jacket and scarf weather, not a beach weather at all.